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Becoming a AMHA Member

We are always looking for people interested in joining our association!
'It is good to know that many publications and organizations are starting to take notice of this hidden treasure and urgent issue of heritage livestock conservation."

A Note From The Registrar...


Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in the preservation of this critically rare heritage breed of swine to join.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization.
1.) Registration of your Mulefoots. Initial registrations free of charge, subsequent registrations $5, transfers $3.
2.) Inclusion in our breeders directory mailed to interested parties.
3.) Free website building services utilizing a free website hosting service at no cost to member.  Updates to site will be available bi-annually. 
4.) Our members communicate well via phone, email, webgroups, and strive to promote the breed. We have two online web groups that are alot of fun! See our home page for links to these groups, all can join, not just AMHA members.
5.) We refer interested parties to breeders and strive to keep as diverse lines as possible while creating the widest genetic base possible. 
6.) We also have a common interest, and aim to further our cause.
7.) Newsletters
8.) Support network, breeders as well as registrar will answer any and all questions.  We always love to talk pigs!
9.) Free Marketing Materials-Any monies recieved are used for ink, paper and postage. Any remaining funds are used for marketing materials (such as brochures) and providing AMHA forms and information packets to interestied parties. To include a current breeders list.
Please Note:
To register your pigs and join association please mail us the following:
1. membership application if new member. may sumit online HERE
2. payment of registration / transfer fee (unless foundation stock)
    via postal mail-may submit registration fees HERE
3. Photos if required (may send via email)
4.Original registration (signed on back to transfer to new owner) OR
5.Registration application with all information filled out and signed by breeder AND new owner if sold.
If you purchase pigs you should receive either one of two documents for registration:
1-the original registration if already registered-with information filled out on the back of registration to transfer to new owner
2.Registration application filled out by breeder and/or new owner informaiton filled out.
Mail us the form/s so we may transfer ownership to new owner along with a membership form if you are a new member. Processing time: two weeks.
PLEASE NOTE: We understand that in the current economy maintaining registrations and transfers may not always be possible. We offer 50% reduction in fees when needed. This is kept confidential. We also offer free services for those of you that have  large herd and need to "catch up". Dont hesitate to ask for this as our ONLY goal is to have an accurate record to preserve this breed for generations to come.  We dont mind at all providing free services. Just mail in your forms and note: free services or 50% reduction requested, on the form. Payments for fees can be made via cash, check to AMHA or credit card via pay pal to (registration forms and transfers of registrations still must be mailed in to us) We have pay pal payment buttons set up on website to streamline the payments HERE
Registration processing was delayed the past months (fall 2008) due to many factors. This has been resolved and our current processing time is approx two weeks.
We also can register weanlings directly into the new purchasers name if they are a member. Many breeders utilize this as we mail the registrations directly to them upon completion making the process much quicker and easier for the seller. This has been a popluar choice.

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Visit our forms link for more information and a copy of the application. HERE

There are many examples of individual farmers and/or associations who have continued to maintain and breed the last herd of a particular type or breed of livestock because they believed that they had something to offer.

 In many cases such farmers/associations have ensured the survival of that breed until its value has been recognized.


The American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry  
* 18995 V Drive * Tekonsha Michigan * US * 49092 *
(517) 518-7930
NOTICE: "All rights reserved" no image or information contained in our website may be reproduced in any format wihtout written permission from the American Mulefoot Hog Association
and/or Mark or Jessica Dibert