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Courtesy Of Blue Strom


Videos from YouTube
Dee Dee the American mulefoot at 6 months Video footage of the Chicago Reader's American mulefoot pig Dee Dee and her herdmates on the farm of Valerie Weihman-Rock in Argyle, Wisconsin.
The Whole Hog Project
The Food Chain
The Chicago Reader
American mulefoot piglets nursing Three rare American mulefoot piglets suckle a sow at Hillspring Eco-Farm in Blanchardville, Wisconsin




Mulefoot Pigs Enjoy Organic Grains and Greens

Hank Will, editor of GRIT magazine, starts his adventure with mulefoot hogs. This video, taken by his wife, Kate, shows the pigs enjoying their breakfast of organic grain and leftover greens.

Mulefoot montage

17 mulefoots piglets were born in early spring 2008, on the farm of Valerie Weihman-Rock of Argyle Wisconsin. Four are the offspring of Dee Dee.

Introducing the Salad Chunks:

Mulefoot-Old Spot Cross Piglets


Pigsalad, our purebred Gloucester Old Spot sow has given birth to a litter of piglets sired by Chunk, our purebred American Mulefoot boar. This is an exceptionally rare cross of piglets. (cross-bred piglets, NOT purebred Mulefoots)

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