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American Mulefoot Hog Association - A Note From The Registrar

Why did I found the Association and Registry? 

Mr. R.M. Holiday and Mark Dibert

My wife Jessica and I simply could not sit by idle and watch a breed that was such a part of my upbringing become extinct.  My father Ernest Dibert raised Mulefoot Pigs from the 1950's. I recall walking amongst tens of litters each spring.  I began my own small herd in the 1980's.
In the summer of 2000 my sows became to old to reproduce. I began a search for some purebred stock. I was stunned at the lack of stock available. I learned of Mr Holiday and the Registry that folded (a fire burned all records) as well as the attempts at beginning another registry that had failed. The Internet became a valuable resource for us. However, at that time there was only approx. 50 sites total available for information and research.
After much discussion my wife and I decided to begin a new registry.  This was not done for any self-serving purpose such as acclaim, financial gain or notoriety.  This is solely a project to save a dying breed.  I have a passion and respect for the Mulefoot breed.  It is so very crucial to maintain records of purebred stock, track their location and attempt to maintain as diverse lines as possible. This is done through registration.
What do we do with the money?  The amount of monies we receive is minimal.  It does not cover the paper, ink, and postage at this point.  Not to mention the countless hours devoted to responding to emails, building free web pages for all members, returning phone calls, writing articles, developing and assembling information packets, updating web pages, or legal fees.  We contribute our own funds at this point and do so willingly. 
We register all foundation stock free of charge and charge a small fee for subsequent registrations. Pictures are required for all foundation stock registration, with the exception of stock purchased from Mr Holiday.  Subsequent registrations for offspring do not require pictures. Our goal is to make the registration process as simple as possible. Registration is so important, without it this breed will become extinct. Because of that, no pictures are required for foundation stock offspring and we have made the forms very easy to fill out. All of the detailed records will be managed on our end, we do the work for you.  Of course any stock that is found not to be purebred will have the registration and those of its offspring revoked. The honor system is in place and we are hoping all breeders take their responsibility as seriously as we do. 
We cannot go back and do this over, it has to be done correctly now, not later if we are to preserve this special breed for future generations.
My family and I are in this for the long haul.  I have arrangements for the registry to be passed down to two individuals, and they also. This will continue to be a valuable resource for the Mulefoot breed for many years to come. You have my word your work in maintaining registrations will not be for naught. 
Those of you who have chosen to preserve this breed. I salute you and you have my respect and admiration. For this will not be an easy task, but the end result worth more than we will fully realize in our lifetime. 
We are always in need of any information on the Mulefoot Breed. We aim to be a central location for information on the breed. Any information on:  Mulefoot locations, breeders, history, magazine articles or book inclusions,  is greatly appreciated.  We also need additional pictures of Mulefoot stock.
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the breeders that have placed their trust in me to have their best interest at heart. I am not business oriented and the patience they have shown as I "learned the ropes" is so very appreciated.  The dedication to the Mulefoot has been unwavering.  I commend you!
Any individual that would like to post an informative article on our web site or one of our forums is welcome! Email your article to me and I will assure it is posted.
I am always available to answer any questions, or just to talk pigs!
Mark E Dibert
Update:   We wish to thank all of you, since we began the documented herd size has now doubled!  If you wish to have your pigs counted in the annual ALBC census please submit a registration application (if not registered,free of charge if needed)  We always register barrows free of charge.
Again, Thank you to all!

My fathers Ernest Diberts Herd and my starter herd

The American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry  
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(517) 518-7930
NOTICE: "All rights reserved" no image or information contained in our website may be reproduced in any format wihtout written permission from the American Mulefoot Hog Association
and/or Mark or Jessica Dibert