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American Mulefoot Hog Association - Transportation Services

Links to Transportation Services For Livestock

Welcome to uShip! Save time and money when customer rated livestock shipping companies compete for your business.

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  • Save Money - Livestock transportation companies engage in auction-style bidding.
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If you need to transport livestock, but don't have the time or resources available to do it yourself, uShip is an excellent resource. Thousands of independent transporters with specialized experience in livestock transport are waiting to bid on your shipment.

Whether you're bringing your cattle to market, have already sold livestock or need assistance transporting your animals to a show, uShip can help you find livestock shipping services quickly and cheaply.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing livestock transport on uShip. Be sure to detail the exact number, size and weight of your animals, so that transporters can give you an accurate quote and determine if their trailers meet your needs. You’ll also need to indicate any special accommodations your animals will need during the journey: a separate stall or regularly scheduled stops, for example.

You can review each transporter's profile to see past shipments and feedback from previous clients. Many livestock haulers will also post photos or videos of their trailer equipment. If a transporter does not provide any clear, visible information about their equipment, be sure to ask them within the Bid Details. You may also want to inquire about each transporter’s experience with trailering animals.

Upon arrival, do a brief visual inspection of the transporter’s trailer. Trailers will need to be clean, free of jagged edges and ideally have grooves in the floor for improved traction.


First Class Transport


First Class Transport keeps the animals welfare at the forefront.

  •  The truck and trailer are DOT certified.
  •  The 48 foot triple axle trailer assures a smooth ride.
  •  It is air conditioned during summer months and enclosed during winter months.
  •  There is a 200 gallon fresh water tank on board.
  •  Each pen has its own hay feeder, water bucket and grain feeder that is sanitized between animals.
  •  Each pen is bedded with Stall Dry (to absorb fluids) and topped with pine shavings.
  •  The pen is cleaned and sanitized as each animal is delivered.
  •  Your animal will always have a clean, sanitized, freshly bedded pen when it is loaded.
  • cargo insurance is carried for your peace of mind.
  • Price Estimator located on website
  • Telephone: 208-863-5377


Cattle hauling and livestock trucking by K~BAR~R Livestock, Inc. covers states primarily in the Northwest and can dispatch to all 48 states. You let us know what you need and we'll do our best to get it done for you on time and at a competitive rate beneficial to all


For livestock and cattle hauling, trust, the NUMBER ONE resource for truckers, feeders, livestock and cattle trucks, loads, haulers, buyers, dispatchers, auctions, and livestock sales.



As a member of Livestock Loads you get 24 hour access to information on the availability of livestock trucks nation wide. We provide you with a means to post your loads for the truckers to see, and they contact you. You can also rate the trucking companies or see how other shippers have rated them. Your membership is free


Detailed information about travel and shipping pets for all of the listed airlines.

  • Aircraft cargo compartments are pressurized and are normally maintained at a temperature range of 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Animals must be in separate kennels unless they are of the same species and comparable size, weigh less than 20lbs each and are between eight (8) weeks and six (6) months old.
  • The maximum size for checked kennels is 40" long x 27" wide x 30" high.
  • The maximum weight of a checked pet and kennel (combined) cannot exceed 100 lbs. For weight over 100 lbs., see for other shipping options.
  • Animals must have room to stand/turn around, sit and lie down in a natural position.
  • Kennels must be constructed of wood, metal, plastic, similar material, leak-proof, escape proof and door must fasten securely and need ventilation on 2-sides in addition to door.
  • 800-227-4622 - AmericanAirlines Cargo

    Delta Pet First is designed to address the special needs of all warm-blooded animals shipped without their owner. The following are some guidelines and benefits for our Delta Pet First customers:
    • Your pet will travel from origin to destination with the same priority as Delta DASH shipments. See Pet Shipping Rates for more information.
    • We recommend that you pre-book all arrangements prior to arrival at the origin facility.
    • You will be able to pre-book a maximum of 7 days in advance and a minimum of 1 day of the desired flight.
    • We have temperature-controlled Live Animal holding areas in our four hub cities: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas and Salt Lake City.
    • Upon arrival in the destination city, pets will be delivered to the Delta cargo facility within 60 minutes.
    • All shipments must be picked up at the destination city cargo facility based on the destination station's guidelines.
    • Only warm-blooded mammals and birds considered to be personal pets or show/exhibition animals.
    • Primates, including lemurs, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees will not be permitted.
    • Animals must be considered non-offensive and not dangerous to passengers or baggage handlers. All other animals, including reptiles, must be shipped as air cargo.
    • Delta - Web Links

      Delta - Contact Numbers

      800-221-1212 - Delta Reservations
      800-323-2323 - Reservations for SkyMiles Members
      888-736-3738 - Pet First - Delta Cargo for unaccompanied pets
    Northwest Airlines has two (2) Cargo service options provided for this type of transportation are VIP - Same Day Live Animal Shipping and General Cargo.

    VIP - Same Day Live Animal Shipping: This is the standard product for transporting pets and commercial shipments of other small, warm-blooded animals and is the fastest total journey time - from origin to final destination. This includes Service animals.

    General Cargo: This is an economical way to transport the largest array of kennel and container sizes and the widest variety of animal species. This includes Service animals.

    Northwest Airlines - Web Links

    Northwest Airlines - Contact Numbers

    800-225-2525 - Northwest Airlines Reservations
    800-692-2746 - Northwest Airlines Cargo
    Does United airline allow pets as cargo: Yes
    Animals traveling via our cargo system are accepted at the cargo facility and travel in the pressurized cargo compartments of our aircraft. Fees vary based on weight, size and destination. Extreme weather guidelines will apply, preventing cargo shipment of any live animal when the temperature is forecast to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any point in the animal's journey.

    Airline Fees

    The charge for shipping is $100 for small/medium size kennels and $200 for intermediate to extra large for domestic one way travel; international rates vary by destination

    United Airlines - Web Links

    United Airlines - Contact Numbers

    800-864-8331 - General United number for travel with your pet
    800-822-2746 - United Cargo for ununaccompanied pets

    uShip Animal Transportation Services
    uShip is an online shipping marketplace where you can list your animal transportation needs, and receive bids from thousands of feedback-rated service providers, making it possible to save up to 80%.

    Also, our website has a Tips, Resources, and Guides section that has lots of useful information about shipping livestock.  Or visitors can share their expertise by creating their own guide here. 

     Danielle Maddox

    uShip Inc.

    Our animal section is located here:

    uShip Animal Transport

    Transport your animals nationwide safely and securely with uShip – and save up to 80%!

    Do you have a transportation service you would like to list? Email us for consideration!

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