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American Mulefoot Hog Association Registration / Membership Forms


To join our association, fill in membership application and mail to us.  To request free website building services note on your application.
To register your stock,  Fill in registration application and mail to us for review.Fill in registration numbers & owner information, have breeder sign application and mail to us. Our herd book is now closed, all stock must have a registration issued at this time to register their offspring.

The easiest and quickest way is to print registraion application, take with you when you pick up your pigs and have breeder fill out their area and sign. You then fill in your information and mail to us. You will receive your registrations with a welcome packet. We will assure you get your registration forms, if there is a delay email us promptly at: and we will address the issue quickly.

To register/transfer pigs purchased, mail us the following:
1. membership application if new member.
2. payment of registration / transfer fee
3.Original registration (signed on back to transfer to new owner) OR
4.Registration application with all information filled out and signed by breeder AND new owner if sold.
If you purchase pigs you should receive either one of two documents for registration:
1-the original registration if already registered-with information filled out on the back of registration to transfer to new owner
2.Registration application filled out by breeder and/or new owner informaiton filled out.
Mail us the forms so we may transfer ownership to new owner along with a membership form if you are a new member.

A Note From The Registrar...

AMHA Form Packet-Membership application & Registration Application

Takes a min to download
2 page file

A place for breeders and
interested parties to meet.
All registry paperwork
available in the file section.

Remember any questions, feel free to contact us any time! 

The American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry  
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(517) 518-7930
NOTICE: "All rights reserved" no image or information contained in our website may be reproduced in any format wihtout written permission from the American Mulefoot Hog Association
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